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Public Safety and Security:

The protection of persons and property should be priority number one for any governmental unit, whether it’s at the township level or at the federal level. To do so, requires that the right amount of resources be marshalled:  both financial and human.

Law enforcement needs to be adaptable to meet the changing threats of today.  It is up to the civilian leaders of government to make sure that the experts have everything they need to meet these challenges.

First, training is a crucial element in preparing to defend against, and respond to, any attempted violent attack.  There also needs to be cooperation among neighboring communities and all higher levels of government to ensure that important intelligence is not missed.  I fully support Police Chief Geof Gaudard and all of the men and women of the Bloomfield Township and Bloomfield Village Police Departments who continue to exemplify the best and most professional law-enforcement team.

As a trustee, I will work with both Police Chief Gaudard and Fire Chief Pichet in making sure that our first responders have all of the necessary equipment and human resources necessary to keep our community safe and secure.  We need to be prepared to respond to any emergency, big or small.


In the private sector, smart companies measure customer service and responsiveness as part of a set of key performance indicators.  The public sector should be no different.

The job of the trustees is to act as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the township residents to identify issues as they happen and to quickly ferret out their root causes.  Part of this responsibility also means that the trustees act as a bridge between residents and the full­-time township staff.

As a trustee, I will ensure that there is clear and responsive two­-way communication between the residents and the township staff, both elected officials and at­-will employees.


As taxpayers, we entrust our hard-earned money to the government to provide the critical public-sector services we need.  There never should be a thought in anyone’s mind that our government is misusing our tax dollars, or that any specific person is enriching themselves while carrying out the government’s mission

The only way to eliminate speculation or conspiracy theories is to ensure that there is as much transparency as possible — without unduly violating anyone’s privacy or impeding the mission of the government.  I will always stand on the side of greater transparency

For example, I support greater use of streaming technology to broadcast in real-time (and archive) all official public meetings, not just the Board of Trustees meetings.

Next to the protection of persons, the protection of property (including tax dollars paid) is the most important task of the board of trustees.


The Bloomfield Township budget this year shows total expenditures of more than $42 million dollars.  This includes all general administration, public safety, road maintenance, and capital investment in infrastructure.

Having spent almost my entire career working in the private sector, I have come to expect efficiency in resource allocation and investment decisions.

My government experience took place at the federal level, in arguably the least-efficient federal department, the Department of Defense.  My task — as part of a team of financial analysts, cost estimators and program managers — was to identify, quantify, and validate areas of cost-savings opportunity within the Defense Department.  It was definitely a job I enjoyed at first—until I saw the political currents (both within the department and at the congressional level) stalling or sometimes outright blocking valid recommendations for cost savings.

As a trustee, I will be a member of the board that is the ultimate authority on spending within the township.  I intend to exercise my vote to protect taxpayer money and to always look for those opportunities of efficiency.


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